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Zodiac signs of BTS members

Those in BTS and their astrological characteristics The BTS astrology signs are listed below according to their birthday. By understanding these BTS zodiac signs, you can determine whether or not your bias is suitable with you. 

Both Jungkook and RM are Virgos. BTS for Virgo! RM September 12, Jungkook September 1. Virgos RM and Jungkook's honesty makes logic.  Jungkook practices sports, cooking, photos, and dance. Jungkook may be self-critical.

Jimin is a Libra Libra is the next BTS astrological sign to be discussed.  According to Elite Daily, Jimin was conceived on October 13, making him a Libra.

Jin is a Sagittarius Sagittarius BTS. Jin, born on December 4 , is a typical Sagittarian—upbeat, vivacious, and fun—but he occasionally shows fire sign anger.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius.

V is a Capricorn Capricorn is BTS singer V's next Zodiac sign.  V, who was born on December 30 (via Seventeen), is a Capricorn with an unmistakable work ethic.

J-Hope is an Aquarius Aquarius is the next BTS band Zodiac sign we'll be discussing.  J-Hope was born on February 18 and was born under the sign of Aquarius.

Suga is a Pisces Pisces is the Zodiac sign of the last BTS member.  According to Seventeen, Suga appears to be every bit as sweet as his name, which is only appropriate for a Pisces born on March 9.