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What Should You Do If Your Cat Is Stung By A Bee Or A Wasp?

Types Of Insect Stings Cats often get stung by bees and wasps.  Even though they look alike, their stings are not the same. 

Wasp stingers are straight and do not detach when they strike.  This implies that a single wasp can sting multiple times.

Signs of Bee Stings It may not be apparent that a cat has been stung by a bee,  as felines frequently attempt to conceal discomfort.

Cats with access to the outdoors and kittens are more prone to be stung by bees,  but elderly cats and kittens can also be stung occasionally.

Severe Reactions To a Sting Bee stings usually cause only mild swelling and discomfort in your cat.  In rare instances, a sting can cause anaphylactic shock, which is a severe allergic reaction.

If your cat exhibits anaphylactic shock symptoms,  call your veterinarian immediately and bring your cat in for treatment. 

Anaphylactic shock symptoms should be regarded seriously.  Anaphylactic shock is frequently fatal if not treated quickly.