Ultimate Cookies and Cream Cake Recipe


Who wants the Ultimate Cookies and Cream Cake? This cake has Oreo crust, dark chocolate layers, cream cheese filling, and buttercream.



FOR THE OREO CRUST – 2½ cups finely ground Oreo Cookies about 40 cookie – 2 Tablespoons granulated sugar – ⅓ cup unsalted butter melted FOR THE CHOCOLATE CAKE – 3 eggs room temperature – 1 cup buttermilk room temperature – 1 cup hot water – ½ cup vegetable oil – 2 cups all-purpose flour spooned and leveled. – 1 ¾ cups granulated sugar – ¾ cup dark cocoa powder – 2 teaspoons baking soda – 2 teaspoon baking powder – 1 teaspoon salt – 1 Tablespoon pure vanilla extract FOR THE CREAM CHEESE FILLING – 6 ounces cream cheese completely softened – 1 cup heavy whipping cream – 2 cups powdered sugar – 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract – Pinch of salt FOR THE BUTTERCREAM – 6 Oreo cookies ground into a fine crumb – 1 ½ cups unsalted butter slightly cold – 6 ounces of cream cheese softened – 6 cups powdered sugar measured and then sifted – 3 Tablespoons heavy whipping cream – 1 teaspoon vanilla extract – Pinch of salt


With the paddle attachment, mix flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder, and salt in a stand mixer. Mix slowly until well combined.


Step 1

Mix eggs, buttermilk, hot water, vanilla, and vegetable oil in a small bowl.Mixers slowly mix wet and dry ingredients. Flour should not streak. Scrape bowl bottom with rubber spatula to mix batter.


Step 2

In each 8-inch Oreo crust pan, bake 15 ounces of batter for 30–33 minutes. Put them on a cooling rack after 15 minutes in the pans.When cakes are room temperature, level, wrap, and freeze before frosting.


Step 3

Mix softened cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla, and salt in a medium bowl. Slowly hand-mix everything. Mix faster to smooth.


Step 4

Mix heavy whipping cream in a stand mixer bowl on high for 3–5 minutes with the whisk attachment. Get stiffest.


Step 5

Make half the whipped cream streak-free with a rubber spatula. Repeat with remaining whipped cream.Once finished, refrigerate until cake assembly. 4 hours covered and chilled.


Step 6

In a paddle-attached stand mixer, cream butter and cream cheese for two minutes on medium-high.Add sifted powdered sugar immediately and mix on low. Scrub bowl sides with rubber spatula.


Step 7

The frosting should be beat for five minutes on medium-high speed after adding heavy cream, salt, and vanilla. Lighten color and texture.Stir cookie crumbs gently with the rubber spatula until gray streaks appear.


Step 8

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