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Types of Cat Personalities: Which One Is Your Cat?

The Human Cat This is a cat who has adjusted well to sharing room with a human. They appreciate being with you, are affectionate, and are generally content and well-adjusted.

The Cantankerous Cat This is the polar opposite of a person cat. The cantankerous cat, while not a feral cat, dislikes being touched, picked up, or engaged with. (short of being fed and given treats, of course). 

The Hunter Cat This personality type resembles a wild cat the most. Hunter cats seek mice or mice-like toys.

The Cat’s Cat These cats are loving toward their fellow felines and prefer to spend the majority of their time cuddling, grooming, and playing with them.

The Inquisitive Cat These cats enjoy exploring and spend the majority of their time sniffing around the home.

Skittishness Skittish cats are jittery. They may rarely visit (and never when outsiders are around) and run away at the slightest noise.

Outgoingness This isn't shy. Outgoing cats are curious and will meet guests or browse through your groceries.