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Top Species of Birds for a Pet

African Grey Parrot The African Grey, known as "The Einsteins of the Bird World," is one of the world's smartest parrots.

Amazon Parrots Because of their playful and outgoing personalities, Amazon Parrots are one of the most common medium-sized best pet birds maintained as pets.

Budgerigar Budgies (parakeets) Budgerigars are intelligent, low-maintenance birds that are popular with novice bird enthusiasts.

Canary Birds Bird lovers have kept and bred canaries for centuries, creating over 200 varieties with distinct personalities and appearances.

Cockatiel The medium-sized Cockatiel, a member of the Cockatoo family, is affectionate, sociable, and funny.

Cockatoo Cockatoos make excellent company birds due to their affectionate, comical, and mischievous personalities.

Conure Birds Conures are playful and beloved pets. Like the Macaw, they are tiny to medium-sized parrots with bright colors.