Top 10 Must-Have Accessories for Spring/Summer 2024

1. Silver Bag

Silver handbags' revival is due to fashion's cycle. Inspired by Y2K or Beyoncé's Renaissance tour, these metallic accessories make a statement. Though originally designed for formal occasions, they go well with denim, neutrals, and bright outfits. 

2. Giant Flower Accessorie

In honour of Carrie Bradshaw, giant flower accessories are back. This stylish trend combines elegance and high-fashion. This trend works as a choker for a laid-back, sexy look or a statement brooch on your shoulder, chest, or hip.

3. Red Accessorie

Few colours are as alluring as red, making it a standout this season. Cherry and ruby bags, shoes, and sunglasses are trending thanks to Prada, Loewe, Dua Lipa, and Kendall Jenner. Wear bright red tights to channel the '60s as temperatures drop. 

4. Wide Rectangle Bag

Wide rectangle handbags are a horizontal trend this season. Elegantly stretched accessories elevate your collection. These bags look great with a blazer or white T-shirt for a classic look or coloured trousers and a textured jacket for a bold look.

5. Snake Print Boot

Try snake-print boots for fall neutrals. Simple clothes look great with these stylish boots that make a statement without being overwhelming. Choose red or blue over cream and stone. These boots go with midi skirts and flowing knit dresses for work or going out with friends.

6. Layered Chain Necklace

Layer up with warm clothes and accessories as the temperature drops. Layered chain necklaces are a hot accessory this season. From chunky chokers to flowing metals, texture and abundance are key. 

7. Long Leather Glove

Modern fashion uses opera-length gloves, dispelling the idea that they are only for historical parties. Long leather gloves have transformed basic outfits on red carpets and runways for years. Choose dark or neutral colours to avoid dishwashing association.

8. White Clutch Bag

To prove bright colours aren't just for summer, add a white clutch bag to your fall and winter wardrobe. Although simple, this timeless accessory elevates your look and suits many outfits. The white clutch bag looks chic with monochrome or bright colours.

9. Wide Corset Belt

A tribute to Alexander McQueen, the wide corset belt returns to fashion. When worn with a neutral maxi dress, it contrasts striking leather with softer fabrics like plisse or wool. Use restraint with other accessories to let the statement belt shine.

10. Black Boss Babe Tie

Nothing says Y2K edginess like a black tie. Break tradition and dress up casual outfits with this accessory. The black boss babe tie looks classic with a button-down shirt and bold suit or hyperfeminine with a sequin skirt. 

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