Multiple Blue Rings

three most jealous zodiac signs

Avoid mediocrity, be brave, use envy as a motivator, and read on to learn about the zodiac signs that covet.

TAURUS Envy is green, Taurus' power color. Bulls rule the second house of values, self-respect, and tangible belongings, and low vibrations manifest as jealousy.

coveting their neighbors' riches, comparing themselves to others, and treating the people they care about as if they were property.

LEO Leos are insecure child actors who believe they must perform and win to earn love.

As a result, they are natural rivals and naturally jealous of anyone who threatens to usurp them.

SCORPIO  Scorpio is a fixed water sign that desires both intensity and intensity.

Matters of the heart are always life and death for a scorpion, who is ruled by the planet Pluto.