The 9 Friendliest States According to Americans Ranked

Explore the friendliest states across the US that have won the hearts of Americans with their warmth and hospitality.


Aloha! Hawaii tops the list with its breathtaking landscapes and the genuine kindness of its residents.


From the musical streets of Nashville to the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee welcomes you with open arms.


Everything is bigger in Texas, including the hospitality. Experience the Southwestern charm and diverse culture.


The Rocky Mountain state offers not only stunning views but also friendly communities that embrace outdoor enthusiasts.


Known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Minnesota boasts friendly locals who thrive amidst its serene landscapes.


From the scenic Outer Banks to the vibrant city of Asheville, North Carolina's friendliness shines through.

North Carolina

Southern hospitality is alive in Georgia. Enjoy historic sites, delicious peaches, and warm-hearted people.


Utah's stunning national parks are rivaled only by the warmth and kindness of its residents.


The charming beauty of Vermont is complemented by the welcoming nature of its tight-knit communities.


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