Iconic supermodels who ruled  the 1980s.

Spotted by photographer Peter Beard in Nairobi in 1975, Iman quickly rose to prominence in the fashion industry, shattering barriers as one of the few prominent Black models of the era.


During the 1980s, Brooke Shields had already solidified her remarkable career. Commencing her modeling journey at a tender 11 months old, she graced the screens during her pre-teen years in notable films such as Pretty Baby and Endless Love..

Brooke Shields

Meanwhile, Jerry Hall's modeling trajectory soared throughout the 1980s, capitalizing on the momentum she had built in the late '70s to become an emblematic figure of '80s fashion glamour..

Jerry Hall

Embarking on her modeling venture to finance her law studies at Sydney University, Elle Macpherson's path veered unexpectedly upon her relocation to New York City.

Elle Macpherson

Native New Yorker Carol Alt emerged as one of the most renowned models of the 1980s. Alt's journey commenced when a fashion photographer noticed her during her day job as a waitress, promptly extending a contract offered by Elite Model Management's founder, John Casablancas.

Carol Alt

Paulina Porizkova's ascent to supermodel stardom in the 1980s was nothing short of meteoric. Unearthed in Sweden at the tender age of 13, she rapidly climbed the ranks of the fashion world, captivating audiences with her presence on countless Parisian runways.

Paulina Porizkova

Pioneering the representation of Asian beauty on the global stage, Bayle emerged as one of the first prominent Asian supermodels. Her distinctive and captivating appearance swiftly garnered the attention of fashion designers and magazine editors alike..

Anna Bayle