Smoked Gouda, Apple, Bacon, And Honey Bites – Apbagoudacuit Recipe

These easy and tasty appetizers are smoked gouda, apple, bacon, and honey bites.


– 1 box TRISCUIT Smoked Gouda Cracker – 1 block smoked gouda cheese at least 4 ounce – 6-8 slices cooked bacon – 1 large granny smith apple cored and thinly sliced* – Optional: Honey for drizzling on top


Lay the TRISCUIT Smoked Gouda Crackers out in a single layer on a serving tray.

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Cut the bacon and smoked gouda cheese into little chunks. Cut the apple slices in half across the middle.

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Top each TRISCUIT Smoked Gouda Cracker with smoked gouda, apple, and bacon. Chill until serving time. Add honey before serving.

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