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Signs Your Cat Might Be Sick

Cat Refusing to Eat A cat that won't eat is plainly sick. Though minor appetite changes are normal, a cat that won't eat needs attention.

Cat is Limping A limping cat is an obvious sign of pain or distress. A minor wound, a foreign item, a fracture, or arthritis could all cause the limp.

Cat is Drinking More Water In general, getting cats to consume water is difficult because they should get most of their hydration from the moisture content of their prey.

Cat Urinating More Frequently If a cat appears to be urinating more frequently, this could be a sign of painful urination.

Cat Refusing to Use the Litter Box When a cat declines to use the litter box, it may be a sign of painful urination.

Cat With Diarrhea Gastrointestinal infections, food sensitivities, stress and anxiety, and irritable bowel syndrome are just a few of the many potential causes of diarrhea in a cat.

Cat Vomiting Hairball regurgitation is regarded normal in cats, and some cats vomit after eating on occasion.