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Signs Your Cat Is Mad at You

Believe your cat's purrs signify she's pleased to see you? It's not the case every time. Learn the ins and outs of your cat's capricious nature here.

Cats may not be able to speak to you, but that doesn't mean they can't communicate; they're always attempting to tell you something.

Can't Communicate

You must pay close attention to and respond to your cat's cues.


Multiple Blue Rings

Cat's Emotion

If your cat is acting out, it may be because it is in pain, afraid, territorial, or involved in a fight with another cat or canine.


Among the many sounds they employ to express their displeasure, cats can produce a throaty growl.

They Growl

Disruptions to a cat's schedule, such as a late feeding or the transition to or from daylight saving time, can cause a great deal of anxiety.

When they become uninterested in a play, you can spice it up with some catnip or try something new.