Seven delicious oil-free dishes

Pasta Salad Mix boiling pasta with diced bell pepper, crushed garlic, roasted sesame seeds, and salt & pepper. Mix in mint chutney to finish pasta.

Macaroni Cream Pour crushed garlic and black pepper into a cup of boiling milk. Stir in a cup of boiling pasta and simmer until milk thickens over low heat. 

Hummus Blend boiling chickpeas, broth, lemon juice, tahini, garlic clove, chili powder, cumin powder, and sea salt in a high-speed blender. 

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Add a cup of beaten curd, 2-3 slit green chilies, 1 tsp turmeric powder, and fresh garlic. Put two medium-sized fish in it. Low-fire cover for 10 minutes. 

Chicken Poppers Mix zucchini, onion powder, cilantro/parsley, garlic, salt, and pepper with chicken to make meatballs.  

Bread Salad Toast 2-3 slices of bread crispy. Cut into little squares and reserve. Mix chopped cucumber, roasted peanuts, onions, tomatoes, and paneer cubes.  

Rava Idli Add your favorite finely chopped veggies to idli batter and steam for 7-8 minutes. Add coconut and tomato chutney. 

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