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Science Disproves the Lies Your Parents Told You

“I don’t have a favorite child” The youngest kid gets the least attention from parents, but that's just paranoia, right?  Sociologist Katherine Conger suggests otherwise. 

“Watching TV too close will damage your eyes.” Why do kids sit so near to the television? Because they can.  When moving from close-up to long-distance vision, the shape of the human eye changes.

“Gum stays in your stomach for 7 years” Nobody knows where this old wives' tale originated, but it is certainly simple to repeat.  Gum, like everything else, passes through your digestive system rapidly.

“Santa rewards good behavior” Santa sometimes gives the worst adults the best holiday toys, even though 94% of parents bribe their kids.

"Eating veggies will make you big and strong" The "big and strong" claim relies more on genetics, physical exercise,  and a balanced diet than skipping greens, which can cause vitamin deficiency.

“Peeing in the pool changes the color.” Swimming pools, for better or worse, do not contain a dye that will expose a guilty tinkler.