Russia's aircraft forces reenter the conflict with devastating guided bombs.

Western experts claim that Moscow's recent combat victories have been largely attributed to the Russian air force's increased employment of "glide bombs," which has significantly increased its efficacy in the conflict in Ukraine.

Due to their wings and guidance systems, the widely available bombs from the Soviet era can carry up to half a ton of explosives and can travel great distances with some degree of accuracy

This allows the Russian jets that drop them to operate away from Ukrainian antiaircraft systems.

Glide bombs, along with Russian drones, missiles, and artillery, have given Russia's operation in eastern Ukraine additional devastating firepower.

This is demonstrated by Russia's recent conquest of the city of Avdiivka, which is their first significant success in almost a year.

The U.S.-made F-16 fighter fighters that Ukraine has been demanding are still a long way off, according to Ukrainians

and are the most effective deterrent against this more pervasive Russian threat.