Meghan Markle skips 'Suits' reunion as expert says 'Hollywood has not been kind' 

Meghan Markle's absence from the 'Suits' reunion raised eyebrows, with experts noting that "Hollywood has not been kind" to the former actress.  

The Duchess of Sussex, known for her role on the show, opted out of the reunion,

sparking speculation about her relationship with the entertainment industry.  

Analysts suggest that her experience in Hollywood may not align with the positive image portrayed in the media.  

The decision to skip the reunion adds to the ongoing narrative surrounding Meghan's transition from acting to royal life and subsequent departure. 

Critics argue that Hollywood's treatment of Meghan reflects a broader issue of scrutiny and challenges faced by high-profile figures in the industry.

Markle's choice to skip the reunion event fuels ongoing discussions about the complexities she faces in her dual roles as a public figure and a Hollywood personality. 

Observers question the toll Hollywood's scrutiny may be taking on her, prompting a broader conversation about the industry's impact on celebrities. 

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