Justin Herbert ready to give input on next head coach and general manager for Chargers 

In a bold move, Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert is set to play a pivotal role in selecting the team's next head coach and general manager 

The young sensation is prepared to leverage his influence, highlighting a proactive approach to team leadership.  

With a deep understanding of the game and a desire for success, Herbert aims to contribute valuable insights in the decision-making process. 

His readiness to engage in the selection of key leadership figures underscores a new era of player involvement in organizational decisions. 

This marks a unique and potentially groundbreaking step in empowering players to shape the future direction of their team.  

As Herbert steps into this advisory role, Chargers fans are eager to witness the impact of his input on the team's trajectory. 

The quarterback's initiative reflects a growing trend in the NFL, where star players are taking on more active roles in shaping their team's destiny.  

Chargers enthusiasts can anticipate a renewed sense of collaboration between the front office and the playing field under Herbert's visionary influence.

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