How to Google better: 7 tricks to get better results when searching

– Refine your Google search results effortlessly by specifying the type of information you need. After entering your search query, utilize Google’s filters such as Image, Video, News, Shopping, Books, Finance and more to tailor your results accordingly.

– Narrow down your search results further by publication date. Simply input your search term, click on "Tools," then "Any Time," and select from predefined time frames or customize your own to view results from specific time periods.

Enhance your search precision by incorporating Top-Level Domains (TLD) to filter results by country. To perform a country-specific search, use “site: search topic”, plus the top-level domain for that country.

Exclude unwanted words or sites from your search results using Google Operators. To do this, simply enter - in front of a word that you want to leave out

Request exact match search results by enclosing your search phrase within quotation marks. Google will exclusively display exact matches for the entire phrase, ensuring relevance to your query

Discover additional insights into search results by clicking on the vertical ellipsis beside each listing.

Access Google's "Advanced Search" feature for more filtering options. Navigate to "Settings" on Google's search page, then select "Advanced Search" from the drop-down menu in the lower right-hand corner