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How to Establish Boundaries and Improve Relationships

What are boundaries? Tawwab says boundaries make you feel safe and comfortable.  “Knowing when to say yes and no. Healthy limits create calm, love, and respect.”

Types of boundaries Physical Sexual Intellectual Emotional Material Time

How to set boundaries 1. Think about where to draw the line Determine what you can no longer tolerate before speaking with the individual with whom you intend to set boundaries.  Sexual

2. Practice out loud Setting boundaries requires an honest discussion with the other person,  which can be scary for conflict-avoiders. Intell Material Time

3. Have the conversation It's time to state it loud and clear:  "Verbally communicate your needs". Intellectual Emotional Material Time

4. Tell the truth You may have been holding in your complaints for a long time,  and you don't want to exit the boundary-setting conversation wondering what you should have said. Intellec Time