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How Many Hamster Babies Are in a Litter?

How Large Is a Hamster Litter? Hamsters usually have 4–6 babies in a litter, but sometimes they have as many as 12 or even 20, which is very rare. 

Hamster Litter Dangers During the first week or so after she gives birth, it's important to keep your hamster mom in a calm and quiet place.

How Can I Tell If My Hamster Is Pregnant? As you might expect, you will notice that your hamster is getting bigger than usual and that her stomach is getting a little bigger.

How Can I Prepare My Hamster for Birth? When you suspect your hamster is pregnant, the first thing you should do is transport it to the veterinarian.

At home, you should do a few things right away, and one of them is to add more bedding to the enclosure.

Ensure that the hamster has ample access to high-quality sustenance and sufficient water.

When the babies are born, it is critical to transport the mother and litter to the veterinarian to ensure that everyone is healthy and healing properly.