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How Intelligent Are Cats? Here’s What Science Says

Our animals are undeniably intelligent. They remember their names and your voice,  and they are highly inquisitive, which is a sign of intelligence.

In this section, we investigate the level of intelligence possessed by our cats as well as the specific factors that contribute to their high level of intelligence.

The Social Cat Kristyn Vitale, an animal behavior educator and researcher,  has studied cat behavior, social cognition, and how people and cats interact. 

The Independent Cat Cats have a reputation for being somewhat enigmatic,  and they are selective about the times when they will cooperate with humans. 

The Smartest Breeds Certain types are smarter than others. Curious cats who get into everything are smarter,  especially because they like challenges.

Just How Smart Are Cats? It's hard to say because cat studies are hard.  They're smart, but scientifically measuring it is tough.