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Here's How Your Zodiac Sign Ends Up

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This guide is satirical in nature and is designed for lighthearted reading pleasure. Continue reading, and may you have a long and happy life.


As was the case for the likely Capricorn, this sign has a hard time saying "no" to a challenge or declining a wager.


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A Taurus is the type of sign to choke to death on a bag of chips or to trip and tumble from their bed.


Gemini is so easily sidetracked and disorganised that they can't handle more than one thing at a time.


The cancer patient's mental load is too heavy, and ultimately fatal.


It's typical of Leo for them to try and nude tastefully on a terrace, only to end up with a fatal head injury.


In the end, Virgo succumbs to boredom, jumps out of a tree, or overdoses on herbal supplements.


A Libra dies at the hands of an envious spouse, untreated syphilis, or botched plastic surgery.


A Scorpio's grudges give them eternal life, so this is a trick query.


A Sagittarius either gets popped by a cork from a celebratory bottle of champagne, chokes to death while cackling hysterically at themselves


A Capricorn either gets killed when he drops a barbell on his foot or when he masturbates on a mattress full of cash.