Cranberry Orange Crush Cocktail Recipe

Cranberry orange crush is a refreshing twist on vodka cranberry with a beautiful color and simple garnish. A bright and festive cocktail, this one combines the tartness of cranberries with the sweetness of oranges.

– 1 orange – 2 ounces vodka – 1 ½ ounces orange liqueur – ¼ cup cranberry juice – ½ cup soda water – 8 fresh cranberrie – 2 sprigs fresh rosemary



Peel a small strip of orange peel, avoiding the white pith, to make an orange twist.

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Extract juice from one fresh orange. Fill a shaker or small pitcher with ice. Add 2 oz vodka to the shaker. 

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Add 1 ½ ounces orange liqueur to the shaker. Add freshly squeezed orange juice to the shaker. 

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Pour ¼ cup cranberry juice into the shaker. Shake or mix well. Strain into ice-filled glasses.

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 Add soda water to glasses. Put 4 fresh cranberries on a cocktail toothpick. 

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You can also use frozen cranberry ice cubes to add color to the drink.

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Add a cranberry toothpick, rosemary sprig, and orange twist to each glass. 

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Add cranberries and rosemary as instructed to maintain the festive look. Cranberry orange crush cocktail.

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