Beginning on February 16th, Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar Defenders of Freedom Sets will be available.

On Thursday, February 16, 2012, collectors will have the opportunity to buy a $51.95, limited-edition Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar Defenders of Freedom Set. The release of the set and the commemorative proof and uncirculated Infantry Soldier Silver Dollars will occur simultaneously at noon ET.

A personalized folder will contain the silver dollar, dog tag, and a printed phrase from President John F. Kennedy that emphasizes the Army motto.

On Thursday, you may purchase individual proof Infantry Silver Dollars for $49.95 and uncirculated coins for $44.95 for the first day. So, for only $2 more than the proof coin alone, you can get the Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar Defenders of Freedom Set, which comes with a dog tag and unique packaging and should be a tempting offer.

While this collection is sure to be a hit with veterans and coin collectors alike, others have voiced their disapproval, claiming that the product limit of 50,000 is too low and the household purchase restriction of 100 is excessive.

Uncirculated and proof silver dollars symbolized Infantry courage, pride, sacrifice, duty, and history. Each's reverse shows a contemporary Infantry soldier on rough ground storming ahead and calling for soldiers. The scenario represents the Infantry's "Follow Me" slogan. Each dollar has the Infantry branch symbol of crossed weapons on the back.

The National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center and U.S. Army Infantry heritage are honored in the collectible dollars. The museum center will receive $10 each dollar sold to pay its maintenance.

At the conclusion of the initial period for the dollars, which will conclude at five o'clock Eastern Time on March 19, 2012, each will be subject to a price hike of five dollars. Throughout the entirety of its availability, the predetermined price will continue to be the fixed price.

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