11 Things That Make You Gain Belly Fat 

Sugary drinks and food

High-sugar foods include candies, cakes, frozen yogurt, soda, flavored coffee, and sweet tea. Added sugars are high in fructose. Studies show that high fructose content may slow metabolism and fat burning. Thus, eating more added sugars may cause belly fat.

Processed food

 These foods lose fibers, vitamins, and nutrients. White rice, white bread, and refined flour products are easily digestible and raise blood sugar and insulin levels quickly after meals. These foods are high in salt and preservatives. 

Physical inactivity

 Sedentary lifestyle is the main cause of abdominal obesity. Women who sit for more than three hours risk abdominal obesity.

No sleep

Sleeping under five hours can cause 32 lbs of weight gain. Sleeping longer than eight hours does the same. Sleeping disorders cause weight gain most often. Thus, six to eight hours of sleep seems sufficient and necessary.

Stress or cortisol

High stress levels release cortisol, which can increase abdominal obesity. Stress also causes poor sleep, overeating, and heavy drinking, which contribute to abdominal obesity.


Because smoking concentrates abdominal fat, smokers have larger waistlines. Diabetes, cancer, and heart disease can result from smoking.


 Alcohol contains empty calories that can fill the belly. Alcohol in moderation can reduce heart attack and stroke risk, but too much can cause inflammation, liver disease, and other health problems. Alcohol slows fat burning, causing abdominal fat deposits, according to some studies.


 Stress causes us to binge most often. Overeating causes calorie intake and weight gain. Preventing abdominal bulge requires mindful eating.


Not all bloating is permanent. Gas in the gut and stomach causes fullness and tightness. Massaging relieves bloating and prevents gas. Bloating can be reduced by eating slowly, taking small bites, and eating fennel after food.


Genetics can also cause abdominal obesity. The tendency to store fat is genetic. Certain genes that regulate calorie intake and weight cause belly fat. Genetics limit repair options.

Diets low in protein

Protein builds muscle. This boosts metabolism and cuts calories. Diets high in protein prevent weight gain and abdominal obesity.

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